Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Vampire Diaries

These days (or particularly, nights), I'm completely immersed in 'The Vampire Diaries' novels by L. J. Smith. I'm also getting some of the undead creatures traits like sleeping late into the night. I also love the cool weather now, its so cloudy and rains most of the time. When the sun peeked out through the clouds today morning, I was feeling angry for the lack of cloud cover. And I'm falling in love with all the red colours around me (stupid me). As the 2nd season of 'The Vampire Diaries' is almost upon us, I thought I would give my view on one of my favourite shows and Vampires..! Read on to find out more.

The Vampire Diaries Hotties

If you would ask me what I wanted to be other than a normal, boring human, I would definitely blow your mind by saying 'VAMPIRE'. Yes, I absolutely love the blood drinking, animalistic, raw power imbibed vampire. You can think I'm crazy, but for as long as I can remember, I always wanted to have superpowers. Who wouldn't want to be the creature of the night? It is a combination of Superman and a dark angel! (Superman seems too fictious compared to the loads of vampire stories out there) Who wouldn't want to beat the crap out of wrong doers and rid the society of evil!! I would jump onto the bandwagon of vampire lovers any day. That means I want to be a vampire, rather than become their snack!!

Damon is hungry! Better run away as fast as your pudgy legs can carry!
See, this look of the vampire is what makes them a turn off for me. And these vampires cannot go out into the sunlight unless they have a special ring. Here, I would prefer Edward kind of vampires over Damon kind of vampires. 

Eternally damned?
This is based on L.J.Smith's novels, but takes its own creative liberties, thereby in essence changing the entire story and implementing its own version based on the characters. In 'The Vampire Diaries' TV show, there are three main protagonists: Elena Gilbert, Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore. Stefan and Damon are brothers and in all outward appearances, they look like two very handsome guys who have their differences. They have a dark secret which has its origins in the latter half of the 19th century! They were born in the Aristocratic family and both loved Katharine, a beautiful vampire who loved both of them and wanted them to journey with her into immortality. Yes, she was very kinky and she loved to toy with both of their feelings. After her unfortunate death, the brothers blamed each other for her death and Damon swore he would make the rest of Stefan's immortal life a living hell..!

They look like real vampires! So hot!
Stefan upholds chivalry, honesty and justice; and he is weak by preying only on animal blood. Obviously Damon is Yin for his Yang; Damon doesn't have any respect for human life, he upholds debauchery and is the poster boy for strength, charm and wickedness. Oh yeah, everybody is hotter than the surface of the sun, there is so much eye candy that you have to wear sun glasses to protect yourself!!

I love Elena..! (Yeah babe, we know you are awesome)
In the fall of 2009, Stefan bumps into Elena, the resemblance to Katharine is very overpowering and he loves her, but not because she looks like Katherine, but because she was the exact opposite of Katharine in everything she did. He had known for a long time that Katharine never wanted either of the Salvatore brothers and was only toying around. Damon wants to destroy Mystic Falls, but ends up falling for Elena as well. Ultimately, the question is who will Elena choose? The ending of the first season hints at a bigger picture and that is mouth-watering (lol) for fans like me. 

Twilight + True Blood = The Vampire Diaries!
The Vampire Diaries starts off as another spin off wanting to make it big with the help of the Twilight craze, with its settings in a school and the obvious romance between the vegetarian Stefan and the vampire doting Elena, and Damon being the third wheel. But after a couple of episodes, you know things are starting to change with hints of True Blood's debauchery and sex thrown in. Of course, everything is PG-13, parents don't worry too much.! And this show has huge influences of another awesome and one of my personal top favourite show 'Supernatural'! The brother relationship and the preternatural connections are the obvious ones. But still, the show holds up quite good on its own.

The kinky and wicked Katharine looking so innocent and sweet!

Don't bother with their ages. Everybody love them for their hotness, doesn't really matter what their ages are. But still, the real ages are; Elena - 21, Stefan - 28, Damon - 32!! The kissing scenes between Damon and Elena make me uneasy, she looks so much younger than her age. But Damon has the most amazing one-liners and quick quips! I love everybody in the show :D

Join The Entangled Trio!!

Elena: Sexy, hot, cute, good-natured, innocent, writes a diary!

I love Stefan. Don't ruin our friendship Damon.
Its okay Stefan, I get it. We met, we talked, it was epic, but then the sun came up and reality set in.

Stefan: Chivalrous, perfect gentleman, mysterious, doesn't drink human blood, loves Elena!

I don't want to hunt humans. 
Damon, don't make history repeat itself.
I love Elena because she is the exact opposite of Katherine and she gives a damn about others, and not just herself.

Damon: Ultimate bad boy, selfish, dangerous, loves debauchery, has a soft spot for Elena!

What's up with this Bella chick? Edward is so whipped!! (while holding a Twilight novel) 
Stefan wants the whole human experience. He wants to live every episode of 'How I Met Your Mother'!!
The closest you'll ever get to humanity, Stefan, is when you rip open and feed on it!!

Dangerous Damon, Enchanting Elena, Soulful Stefan


Purba said...

I have to make Trisha read this post. LOL

Karthik said...

I am not a huge horror fan or a vampire fan... But this post looks so good, I may just try some episodes of this show...!!
And that Elena is a cutie...! :D

Girish said...

@Purba: Hope the post makes someone want to check out the show..! :D
As u can see, not many lovers of the undead in this blog..!!
And yeah, waiting for Trisha's opinion!

@Karthik: Glad u liked it man. Hope u become a fan of the undead! :D

Rachna said...

wow, you are a big vampire fan. I am not so sold onto vampires, though. I prefer humans :)

Taniya said...

awsum..........i m a similiar fan of vampire diaries....loved ur post n description.especially the picturesque collection.............

Girish said...

@Rachna: Who wouldn't want to live forever where u never age!! lol :)
But I understand why vampires are not everybody's cup of tea!

@Taniya: Yeah Vampires rule and 'Vampire DIaries' is very cool!! :D
Finally a true vampire lover :)
Glad u liked the post.
I scoured the net for those pics for a long time!! lol..!

Samadrita said...

Erm I started reading the first of the Vampire Diary novels at a time when I was still smitten with Twilight and wanted to find books with similar themes. But the author's narration and writing sucks to say the least.
About the series I can't say. Will have to watch it. I have a soft corner for bad guys myself :P

Samadrita said...

Ooh another thing wasn't Elena blonde? Although pardon me if I'm the first book a long time back.

Girish said...

Samadrita: Actually u have to consider the year it was written & teens were the target audience anyways!! First 4 books were written between 1991-1994..!
A new trilogy 'The Return' was started in 2009..
I'm reading Nightfall in the new trilogy now & its way better than the previous ones :)

And yeah in the books Elena is blonde! But I could only picture Nina (TV show Elena) as Elena even while reading the books! :D
In the beginning of the novels, Elena is vain & conceited, while in the show she's very compassionate from the start.. Also Damon is truly horrible in the books! So, I love the show more than the novels (right now)!
Try the show, you will like it :)

Anonymous said...

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