Sunday, August 22, 2010

Alive! Help Me!

Like a solar flare in the emptiness of the dark space,
your eyes blazed through my soul,
the room is full, but all I see is the angel in you,
shattering the defences I had built around myself.
Your eyes hold unfathomable sadness,
which your smile betrays not
Thinking I have ever fell in love,
a stretch, it is
like the tsunami and a harmless wave
the difference is mind boggling.
Your tidal waves keep battering against my heart
like a battalion of soldiers fighting an infant child,
a wild horse overtakes me,
my thumping heart rides on a runaway train,
waking up as if free from death's demonly grasp.

Your face casts a soft glow,
invisible to normal perceptions,
smile, like a million diamonds, free for the taking,
hair, shining from the glow of the half submerged sun.
Hidden secrets, beneath the smartness
and humor, I want to unveil,
others look through you,
not sensing or seeing the angel within.

When you rest your hands on my arm,
a shiver from the depths of the abyss,
runs through my veins,
I blackout for what seems like an hour,
in front of all those assembled,
but is only a few seconds,
never before have I felt these emotions,
so raw, unbridled, uncontrolled and euphoric,
your soul sings to me.
Are you my soul mate or my personal hell on earth!
As unexpected, it was,
so was it threatening and tempting,
a deep turmoil brew, inside of me.

I sit beside you, shifting nervously
something inside stirring
like the bloodlust of an immortal,
hungry vampire to warm blood,
threatening to coil and spring.
Afraid to touch the smooth skin,
unable to leave you out of sight,
torn, eaten up from the inside.
As if waking up from an eternal slumber,
my heart is alive again!
will you understand me? Help me?

Like the earth revolving around the sun, I am,
the closer I get, greater is the chance of being burned,
but the farther I go, my soul will slip,
into the cold, empty darkness.
I can feel you most when I am alone,
can feel your spirit in the midst of crowds.
Are you being played out before me,
by someone who is laughing at my longing?

With intentions, innocent,
I will never force you, my angel
down the path which you dislike.
Promises may be showered over the
hopes of obtaining you,
but my word, I will only give,
to keep it or die trying to keep it.
Give me a chance, single,
to be your knight in shining armour.

I go to sleep and wake up, with you in my dreams,
one arm around your slender waist,
the other buried in your glorious hair,
your sensous lips, so intoxicating,
twinkling eyes beckon me forward.
Hoping to take away your sadness,
I pull you closer,
afraid to kiss you,
what if you pull away, revolted?
Rejection, even in the fantasy will destroy me,
I wake up screaming in my mind,
not wanting to finish the dream,
afraid of the nightmare it might hold,
deprived of sleep from the past few days,
I have to know you,
my angel, my love...

This is my first poem after almost 6 to 7 years. Never before have I felt compelled enough to write a poem about anybody till now.


naveen said...

omg! awesome... guess this ain't enough to blow out all your inside..! take care

Racer_X said...

A heart warming poem..
The words you have used are very your style, i like it!

As a reader, i really went throgh it really, in the sense, i had some feelings goin on, when i was reading it.

Amazing piece!
Hats off to you!

I really wish you really get a girl of the kind you said, if you loved anyone, really!

Purba said...

Ahh, the first glow of love.

Your poetry has a heart and soul.

Karthik said...

Wow! This is a very beautiful poem...
I hope you get your girl if you really like her this much :)

Girish said...

@naveen: Yup, this isn't enough :)

@Racer_X: Glad u did :D

@Purba: Thank u so much :)

@Karthik: Thank u.

@Racer_X & Karthik: She's not a piece of clothing, or jewellery for me to 'get' at any place or time! I love her, that doesn't mean she has to reciprocate my feelings (though I wish with all my heart that is the case)
I won't hold anything against her even if she doesn't like me.
That's me, few wires disconnected in the brain :P

Kavya said...

Beauty :)
I particularly liked this "Are you my personal hell on earth?" :)

sugu said...

"Like the earth revolving around the sun, I am,
the closer I get, greater is the chance of being burned,
but the farther I go, my soul will slip,
into the cold, empty darkness."

"laughing at longing" awesome lines n cute expression of a loving+longing soul.

Racer_X said...

I completely agree to the fact that nobody is a piece of clothin or a "thing", like you said we mean, neither should they be treated as one!

The sense in which I used the word 'get', here I meant, you and her,if destined, will 'get' each other and then, thats the beauty of the whole thing and a cool climax!!

But till, then, let it be 'get', as what we think. One more thing is, I loved it so much when I could feel that I was into that very thing!!

We look forward to seeing your talents, in your further posts!


Girish said...

@Kavya, Sugu - Thank u :)
Glad both of u liked it.

@Racer_X - Yeah I understand. Thank u dude :)
I'll try .

Chandrika Shubham said...

your eyes blazed through my soul

I liked this line. :)

Girish said...

@Chandrika: Thank u.
But only a single line?!!
What about the rest of the poem..!!
Just kidding! I understand what u meant.. :D

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Surely u r in love!!! and what expression! amazing! beautiful, esp " r u my living hell on earth". love kills!

Girish said...

@Restless: Thank you :)
Love definitely kills!!
And it really feels like my personal living hell!!

Rachna said...

wow, a fabulous poem and wonderful sensitivity.

Girish said...

Thank u Rachna :)

radha said...

Convert it into a song and it will be a hit. Hope all goes well!

Girish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Girish said...

Radha: Songs are not my forte! But my friends forced me to submit to college magazine and it got selected !! :)
I only want to show it to one girl without it seeming like a proposal!!