Saturday, September 25, 2010


Something Wicked This Way Comes!
Jensen Ackles as Dean & Jared Padalecki as Sam

Since the 6th season of the show premiered in the US last night, I thought I would give my opinion on the series. I have been a fan of 'Supernatural' for quite a few years now and the series is still as awesome as it first started. It is about two brothers, Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester's journey to find their father in the first season, while dealing with demons and monsters using the techniques that their father had taught them. Their car, the Chevy Impala is their home and all the gears needed to take down the preternatural enemies is stored in the trunk! From there it goes through fighting with the 'yellow-eyed demon' who had killed their mother, in the second season, to Dean going to HELL in the third season, literally. And then my most favourite season 4 when Castiel enters the fray. Castiel passes through every demon shackle spell and drawings in the whole building and comes to Dean introducing himself as 'I am Castiel, I am an Angel of the Lord!!'. You wouldn't believe the chills this revelation gave me, the hair on my skin stood up. The 5th season is about the impending Apocalypse, the battle between good and evil with Earth as their war field and the choices Sam and Dean have to make. The atmosphere this show has is downright chilling and it compels the viewer to get hooked.

 Sam and Dean are contrasting characters. Sam is the younger brother of Dean. He is calm, innocent and good-hearted. But, some situations make him the bad guy against his better judgement. Dean is the cool one, he kicks back on the couch with a beer in one hand and a hot chick in the other hand and seemingly doesn't give a damn if the world ends or not. He is the guy who takes the risks. They con people; do credit card scams and cheat at pool to pay for their food and shelter. But despite their differences, the brothers have an unbreakable bond between them and they will fight till death for the safety of each other. 'Safety' being not going to hell after they die. This is what makes them so great, their chemistry is there for everyone to see. Angel Castiel is an excellent addition from the 4th season, he made the show so much more awesome than it already was. He delivers his dialogues, many of them quite funny with so much intensity and a straight face that you can't help but laugh! The characters make you care for them so much that you don't want to miss a single moment of their journey. 

Dining With Death Himself!!
The series was expected to end after the 5th season. But due to its ever increasing popularity, the makers decided to make more seasons. Thank heavens they didn't finish up! Supernatural series is a treasure trove of possibilities and ideas!

Fallen Angel, Lucifer!

Dean is a vessel of archangel Michael and Sam is the vessel of the fallen angel, Lucifer. So, now every demon hunter in the country want Sam dead, before he can accept Lucifer's offer to take over Sam's body. There are also many allies for the brothers as the series continues. This is a very different show from others as it deals with a different demon every episode and the main story also continues. You never get bored as the special effects are awesome and even the actors who play the demons and fringe characters are also very good. The guy who plays Lucifer also played the island protector or God in the hit tv show LOST. He's a great actor and no wonder he only takes on guest appearances in popular shows!!

 The show isn't all gloom and doom. In fact, it has many humorous moments. Also it doesn't hurt when you have two amazing actors who are also good-looking. Many say that X-Files is the best show in the supernatural genre. But I haven't seen X-Files as I was just a kid back when it ended, so I don't have a yardstick to compare this show to. Therefore, I think this is the best supernatural show ever. The strong point of the show is also the visual imagery which is a treat for the viewers and the background score. Also it gives real legend stories or myths, as you prefer, every episode, like the Bloody Mary, Hindu Gods, vampires, zombies, hookman, ghost insects, scarecrows, memory traps, nightmares, evil children, werewolves, basically every legend and scary story you have ever heard and not heard. The car, 1970's Chevy Impala is very cool. 

Angel Castiel!

Download the show if you still haven't seen it, as each episode is exciting. There is always something new brought to the table by the excellent screenwriters. Why are you still reading my post! Go and watch Supernatural: The Most Thrilling, Awesome and Coolest Show Ever To Adorn The Small Screen :)
(Oh yeah, comment what you think about this post and then go to watch it! Hehehe)

Below are some of Supernatural casts moments from Comic Con 2010 held on July 26!

So Funny!
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Samadrita said...

Don't really follow this series on a regular basis but I've watched it now and then. I am a die-hard fan of Jared Padalecki..ever since Gilmore Girls.
But this show has a hell lotta fans.

P.S: Try not to post such huge will drive away readers who have slow internet. :)

Anonymous said...

Assolutamente d'accordo con lei. L'idea di un buon supporto.
Condivido pienamente il suo punto di vista. L'idea di un buon supporto.

Girish said...

Samadrita: If you are a fan of Jared, then I highly recommend this series! Try only 5 episodes of season 1 and I'm sure you'll love it!
The best show ever has gotta have the most and bestest fans right?!

P.S: I'll keep that in mind next time :)

Girish said...

Anonymous: Dude, english please..! I don't understand what u said!

Rachna said...

I don't follow this series either. And, yes, smaller pics please :)

Girish said...

Rachna: I posted big pics coz I wanted to emphasize the series awesomeness :D
Anyway, I'll post smaller pics from next time :)

Karthik said...
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Karthik said...

Too cool post...:):) I love Supernatural..!! I downloaded the first episode of 6th season yesterday & it is really super...:) I really liked those pics..!
Nicely done review of all the seasons... But you gave away all the main twists..!!

Girish said...

Karhtik: Thank you :)
The series is much much more than the main plots!
Every episode is unwrapped skillfully from the director!
So, even though I've briefly told about the main plots, those who haven't seen the series won't feel let down!

R. Ramesh said...

Nicely done review..not got to c this...

Girish said...

Ramesh: Thanks :)
If you get the chance, don't miss it!

sweetangel said...

those who havent seen this show r missing on best thing ever.
due to spnl i got many many friends who r soo awesome
it connects people.. teaches u what family really means.
the acting writing.. monster of the week blended with beautiful family moments.. the brotherly love is the core of this show.
the chemistry of leads Jared and Jensen makes this show work in the first place. u really feel their pain hurt emotions..
so those who havent seen yet.. go start watching. u will regret why u dint c it b4.

its evrything to me now

Girish said...

Sweetangel: Yeah it does! :)
Brotherly & familial love is definitely the core of the show, along with the awesome monsters!
Thanks for your passionate comment! Do drop by again.
'Live long & prosper, Supernatural' :D

Chandrika Shubham said...

Story seems to be interesting. :)
I can watch it if it is not horror.

Girish said...

Chandrika: It IS horror!!
Plotwise, its one of the best ever!
But if you don't like horror, I don't particularly recommend it.
Each episode deals with demons, death, yadda yadda along with loads of humor, and the series has its heart in the right place!

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

How long does it take to make all these ....
And nope i have not heard of the show ...

good one ...

Bikram's blog

R. Ramesh said...

shukriya ji:)

Girish said...

Bikramjit: To make what exactly?!
The series is currently in its 6th year.
They aren't like our boring regional serials which make 300 episodes a year!
They only make 20-24 episodes in a whole year!
One episode a week for 5-6 months and then no show for the next 6 months!
They scrap the show if it doesn't generate enough trp's!
So, its a wonder that this series actually extended from the initial 2 seasons to 5 seasons!
Now another season due to the huge demand by fans :)
Fans like me are super excited for the show :)

Ramesh: :))

Karthik said...

Yes you are right... The show is too cool... Sweetangel said it properly... Love supernatural... :D

Girish said...

Karthik: ♥ Supernatural ♥ forever ♥

Racer_X said...

Thats a nice thing to feel.
U could become a director youself!
Supernaturality is claimed only with such good concepts and talents....
We could expect more in near future??:-)

Girish said...

Racer: No chance of me becoming a director and all :P

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Oh now I know why u liked my post on ghosts!!!! U just love supernatural stuff!

Btw, have u seen the movie "the Knowing"? Must see, it came on HBO i think, few days back.

Girish said...

Restless: :) My love for the preternatural stuff started when I was pretty young!!
I love everything which makes me feel fear and gives me an adrenaline rush! :D

And yup, I've seen Knowing!
Nicholas Cage is one of my fav actors :)
So happy that u liked it :)
I also liked it :)

Anonymous said...

I think you'll want to get a facebook icon to your blog. I just marked down this url, however I must complete it manually. Just my $.02 :)

Anonymous said...

It is a little known fact except to X-Files/Supernatural fans that quite a few of the editors, producers and executive producers worked on both shows to name just 2 Kim Manners and Eric Kripke


Anonymous said...

Hello! Just wanted to say I loved your post and the pictures you chose for it :)
I'm actually a new fan to the show but I love it to pieces! It's just too funny and the chemistry between everyone is just brilliant. Glad to hear you still enjoy the show as well. I've seen so many negative comments about seasons 6 and 7 even though the writing and the characters are still great. I was a little iffy on the Leviathan storyline at first but it seems to be starting to pull together. I'm really hoping for the show to have at least a couple more seasons!
There was an earlier comment by Chandrika that she would not watch the show if it was horror and you replied that it WAS horror. Definitely agree with you there. But also thought I would point out that I'm terrified of horror movies, and the genre in general, yet somehow SPN doesn't bother me at all (with the exception of the episode "Family Remains"). So definitely encourage anyone who isn't a fan of horror to at least give it a shot. You never know :)