Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Golden Paradise

Heart thought like this, romanced the idea of nature and her infinite miraculous wonders, mind gave the jumbled thoughts random words, considered this a masterpiece when it was just 12-13 years old! Rummaging through my old belongings, I found a piece of paper nestled between a Tintin comic and some projects I did in school! It was one of my earliest poems! What do you folks make of it?

Once upon a time,
trees were strong, proud and healthy,
people were happy, satisfied and wealthy,
and animals were in large and moved about freely!

But now healthy trees,
are brought down mercilessly,
people are cruel and sad,
animals are meagre and dead!

If not for selfish humans,
this would never happen!
What is the use to live,
in a world without trees and animals?

Let us show some kindness,
plant trees and care for animals,
so that our mother Earth would become,
what she once was - 'The Golden Paradise'!

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Rachna said...

How true!

Karthik said...

Its good and its true...!
I am looking forward to your next poem... :)

Girish said...

Rachna: Yes it is!!

Karthik: Thanks :)

Racer_X said...

What you wrote probably 8 years ago is more suited fot today than the day you wrote it.

Sadly nobody can create awareness among all the educated people who tend to know everything about the harmful effects of man's cruel attitude towards mother Earth and things like these get reduced to newspaper articles in their weekend supplementaries and blogger posts.

Only way to save and return all the deeds of nature which she has given us till now, is by creating awarenesses and really revolutionary movements.

Lets worship nature.. Without Her, nobody survivezzz.

Really a nice poem at an early budding age..

But now,I believe we would expect more of such words from you.

Dream Writer said...

very nice thoughts. but in realistic world, no one cares at all.

Girish said...

@Racer: Its apt from the time industrial revolution happened dude!
Now the concern for environmental stability is growing worldwide!
Sadly, here in India, not many have enough awareness and even if they do, many just don't care!!

@Dream Writer: In realistic world, some people do actually care!
But its just that the guy with the huge bank account wins over the corrupt politicians and convinces them to pass out decisions which harm nature!
Regular, normal, everyday people are powerless to stop them!

Lakshminarayan said...
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Racer_X said...

@Giri: U r right. And thats what people must start doing - start educating about importance of nature conservations.

Remember that we were in high school and all of us were stood on our toes to be like what we were taught - save each water drop, plant saplings near our houses, save electricity, avoid cfc's,.....etc. Don't u think we r all following the path from then till today?

I still remember Pranav running to downstairs sink to stop the water pouring down from a running tap.

Nothing can be achieved without trying with max effort!

R. Ramesh said...

thanks buddy:)

Madhu said...

aww..wasnt that just so beautiful..:) :)

Girish said...

@Racer: Yeah, well said!
I do try to follow that path!
And Pranav is really a great guy! :)
And so are you! :)

@Ramesh: :)

@Madhu: Thnx so much :D

Samadrita said...

A poem written in view of your steadily deteriorating environment and the concerns arising out of it. Nice! :-)
Btw check your FB messages.

Girish said...

Samadrita: Thank u :)
And I will :)

Romeo said...

Beautifully written! It seems so true!
Keep writing such stuff! :)

Hope to see you in my blog too :)

Purba said...

A sweet poem :)) But I feel we have become more aware of our responsibilities now.

Sourav said...

Painful. Yet true.

Sorcerer said...

Well your poem reminded me of a quote by Paulo Coelho

"Save the planet?....Planet must be saying, "Save yourself idiots, I will be fine" !

that was some very true lines:)
nice work

Girish said...

@Romeo: Thanks :)
I'll check out your blog!

@Purba: Thank you :))
Yeah, I also feel the same, but still a lot of effort has to be put to actually bring about a radical change in concern for the environment!

Girish said...

@Sourav: It is, isn't it!

@Sorcerer: Thank u :))
That was an awesome quote!!
Thanks for sharing :D

R. Ramesh said...

shukriya buddy for yr sweet words..:)cheers:)

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