Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Golden Paradise

Heart thought like this, romanced the idea of nature and her infinite miraculous wonders, mind gave the jumbled thoughts random words, considered this a masterpiece when it was just 12-13 years old! Rummaging through my old belongings, I found a piece of paper nestled between a Tintin comic and some projects I did in school! It was one of my earliest poems! What do you folks make of it?

Once upon a time,
trees were strong, proud and healthy,
people were happy, satisfied and wealthy,
and animals were in large and moved about freely!

But now healthy trees,
are brought down mercilessly,
people are cruel and sad,
animals are meagre and dead!

If not for selfish humans,
this would never happen!
What is the use to live,
in a world without trees and animals?

Let us show some kindness,
plant trees and care for animals,
so that our mother Earth would become,
what she once was - 'The Golden Paradise'!

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